Privacy Policy

SMS, Text, Email, Marketing Privacy Policy

SMS, Text, Email, Marketing Privacy Policy

Overall SMS Use

Customer quality experience, improve business processes, and consented marketing.

Automatic Form Submission Responses

After a customer fills out a form on our website and opts in for email/sms communication (such as a request for a quote or a support ticket), an automatic SMS confirmation is sent. This helps validate the successful submission and provides customers with an expected response timeline, improving the user experience and showing our commitment to prompt communication.

Confirmation Messages

Confirmation SMS messages are sent post-purchase or after the booking of services, providing customers with instant reassurance of a completed transaction. These messages typically include transaction details, expected delivery dates, and contact information, boosting customer confidence and satisfaction.

Appointment Reminders

We utilize SMS as a primary mode of reminding customers about their upcoming appointments. Our automated system sends out messages 24, 12, and 1 hour before the scheduled appointment. The SMS includes details such as the date, time, location, and purpose of the appointment, reducing the likelihood of no-shows and late arrivals.

Direct Response

SMS is utilized to solicit direct responses from our customers. These messages may be surveys seeking feedback on our products/services or calls to action, like participating in a contest. The ease and speed of response via SMS increase participation rates, aiding market research and customer interaction.

Invoice Links

In the interest of paperless operations and convenience, our customers receive their invoices via SMS. The messages contain secure links directing to online invoices, simplifying the payment process. It increases the punctuality of payments and enables customers to maintain a digital record.

Direct Marketing/Promotions

Our marketing department makes use of targeted SMS campaigns to promote special offers, new products, or seasonal sales. The messages are crafted to entice our customers, using personalized data to increase relevance. This direct marketing strategy has proven to drive sales and increase brand engagement.

Database Reactivation

From time to time, our SMS platform is used to reactivate dormant customers in our database. Customized messages are crafted, promoting new offerings or incentives to engage inactive clients. This proactive approach helps foster client re-engagement and enhances customer retention.

Client Support

Our customer service department employs SMS to facilitate the swift resolution of client queries. Automated messages acknowledge the receipt of client issues, and real-time, personalized responses ensure efficient problem-solving. This tool, combined with human interaction, streamlines customer support and promotes customer loyalty.

Internal Notifications

Our internal communication is strengthened with SMS notifications. Reminders of meetings, task deadlines, system changes, or emergencies are sent to team members' mobile devices, ensuring real-time receipt of critical information and fostering a proactive work environment.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Security is reinforced through the integration of Two Factor Authentication (2FA), using SMS to deliver unique one-time codes for user identity verification during logins or transactions, thereby ensuring robust cybersecurity and customer data protection.


Every form includes an SMS disclaimer, informing customers that they may receive text messages from us. In addition, most forms contain an opt-in checkbox. Every initial SMS sent includes an easy opt-out option, so customers can withdraw their consent at any time.


Sample Message #1:

Hi [First Name], this is [Team Member Name] from Amanzi Party Rentals!

We've received your request for further details and are looking forward to talking with you. You can schedule your meeting via this link: [Calendar Link]

Standard data rates may apply. If you wish to cease receiving messages, reply STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE.

Sample Message #2:

Hello [First Name],

This is an automated message from Amanzi Party Rentals. Your form has been successfully submitted! One of our team members will reach out to you soon with more details.

Reply HELP for help, STOP to stop receiving messages. Data rates may apply.


Website forms

End-users can provide their consent through website forms. Involves a section on the website where the user enters their phone number and/or clicks on a checkbox to confirm their agreement to receive messages. Example: "By visiting [Website], end-users can fill out a form to opt-in. This involves providing their phone number and checking a box to confirm their agreement to receive text messages from Amanzi Party Rentals."

Chat widget

Appearing as a pop-up on the bottom right corner of our website, this widget can request the visitor's phone number and permission. The consent language might look something like this: Example: "In our website's chat widget, end-users may opt to receive text messages by providing their phone number and then checking a box or typing 'Yes' to signify their agreement to receive text messages from Amanzi Party Rentals."

Appointment Booking

When an end-user books an appointment, they provide their contact details, including their phone number. Example: "While booking an appointment, users can opt-in to receive sms updates. This involves entering their phone number and checking a box to confirm they wish to receive appointment reminders, updates, and promotional messages from Amanzi Party Rentals."

Email Marketing

In email marketing campaigns, a user might provide their phone number as part of signing up for a newsletter or updates, along with their consent to receive text messages. Example: "In our email campaigns, users may opt-in to receive text messages by providing their phone number and checking a box to confirm they are willing to receive text messages from Amanzi Party Rentals."


Welcome to Amanzi Party Rentals! By opting in, you have agreed to receive updates & offers from us. Visit our website at [Website Link] for more info. Need assistance? Call us or text at [Company Phone]. Reply YES